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  • The location of underwater cables are supplied in this dataset. Such charts are vital to both the seabed exploitation and the commercial fishing industries to help reduce the risks of coming into contact with cables. This data has been downloaded from the MIDA Atlas hosted by...
  • Dataset created August 2010 for Coastal Heritage based on cross reference between MIDA marina dataset and Failte Ireland TCS Marina extract.
  • Dataset created for use on Coastal Heritage viewer. OSi 1:50000 ferry routes were digitised.
  • Dataset created to support Watermaps.ie viewer. Dataset represents reinforcement structures around the Irish Coast.
  • Dataset created to support Watermaps.ie viewer. Dataset represents flood embenkment structures around the Irish Coast.
    The Irish Landmark Trust, since 1992, have been saving some of Ireland’s most iconic buildings, and making them accessible to the wider community. We restore properties sensitively, with a focus on best practices in conservation, as well as comfort for our guests. An Irish...
    The role of the Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN) is to unite and co-ordinate the strategic efforts of local authorities involved in the management, conservation and enhancement of historic walled towns in Ireland, both North and South, with the main objective to ensure that...
    Dataset owned and provided by Failte Ireland Dataset representative of Failte Ireland tourism Activitity entities categorised by activity type.
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