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    This data comprises wave data collected from the SmartBay buoy moored in Galway Bay. The TRIAXYS Directional Wave Sensor collects wave data and returns the following parameters: No Zero Crossings (Number) HAvg (Average Wave Height) (Meters) Tz (Mean Spectral Period) (Seconds)...
    The 9DOF (9 Degrees of Freedom) sensor measures and reports linear and angular accelerations along three axis plus spatial orientation using a combination of sensors. The sensor includes the ADXL345 accelerometer, the HMC5883L magnetometer, and the ITG-3200 MEMS gyro.
    Real time data and services of ocean wave information from moored wave buoy in Cork Harbour. Parameters collected include, dateTime (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sss), Peak Period (secs), Peak Direction (DegreesTrue), Upcross Period (secs) and Significant Wave Height (cm).
    The CMPS10 Tilt Compensated Compass sensor is a tilt compensated compass which calculates a bearing. Employing a 3-axis magnetometer , a 3-axis accelerometer and a 16-bit processor, the output of the three sensors measuring x, y and z components of the magnetic field,...
    This data comprises loadcell force data collected from the SmartBay buoy moored in Galway Bay. The Strainstalls load shackle measures tensile loads. This dataset contains measurements of load from mooring chains attached to the SmartBay buoy.
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