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    Number of insurance undertakings, volume of life and non-life business, employment, gross premium by class and by Irish/foreign risk, details of motor claims and settlements. Summary of life and industrial assurance business, gross and net non-life underwriting revenue by...
    Official external reserves; domestic credit and private-sector credit to Irish residents; Irish contributions to Euro Area Money Supply; financial statement of the Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland; consolidated balance sheet for the Irish monetary...
    The financial balance sheet and the financial transactions account, with a detailed instrument breakdown of financial assets and liabilities by institutional sector.
    Service of the national debt; interest paid on medium/long and short term debt, national savings schemes, other movements, sinking fund payments, fees and expenses, expenses of the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) and interest received on deposits with the Central...
    The report on Budgetary and Economic Statistics contains statistics on a wide range of subjects covering a number of years. Part 1 contains government budgetary statistics. Part 2 contains economic statistics mainly on the Irish economy with some comparisons with other...
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