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    Supply balance statistics for wheat, barley and oats. Details (mass) are provided for: usable production, imports, supplies, exports, variation in stocks, domestic uses, other uses (seeds, losses, feedingstuffs, industrial uses), and the amount available for human consumption....
    The imports, production, primary supply, transformation input and output, and consumption (by industry, transport, residential, and commercial/public services) of each type of fuel, in ktoe (kilo tonne oil equivalent).
    The compendium consists of tables covering the national economy and the agricultural economy. The agricultural tables relate to employment in the agri-food sector, output, input and income in agriculture, commodity output and disposals, agricultural prices, supply balances,...
    The report on Budgetary and Economic Statistics contains statistics on a wide range of subjects covering a number of years. Part 1 contains government budgetary statistics. Part 2 contains economic statistics mainly on the Irish economy with some comparisons with other...
    Current, capital and financial accounts and balances, summarising the economic transactions of the residents of Ireland with the rest of the world. The results show the nature of the transactions with non-residents in terms of merchandise, service, income and financial...
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