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    Radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) measurement data extracted from ComReg’s published survey reports, which describe RF-EMF measurements carried out by ComReg near telecommunication sites throughout the country. These reports have data on typical EMF levels in...
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    These data points are telecommunication sites (popularly known as masts) extracted from ComReg’s published data available from the website: https://siteviewer.comreg.ie/#explore
    This map shows a prediction of the number of homes in a given grid square that exceed the national Reference Level. Grid squares in which the predicted percentage of homes is 10% or greater are called High Radon Areas.
    The EPA carries out a programme of round-the-clock measurements from our permanent monitoring network and a programme of sampling followed by laboratory testing. We take and test around 2000 samples every year. Most samples are taken from fixed locations throughout Ireland....
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