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    The Met Éireann WDB API outputs a detailed point forecast in XML format for a coordinate point as defined by the user. Data is output in (i) 1-hour intervals out to 90 hours, (ii) three-hour intervals from 90h to 144 hours, and (iii) six-hour intervals from 144 hours out to...
    This table contains daily elements measured at our synoptic station in PhoenixPark, Co Dublin. The file is updated monthly. Values for each day include: Precipitation Amount (mm); Maximum Air Temperature (C); Minimum Air Temperature (C); 09utc Grass Minimum Temperature (C);...
    The colour-coded warnings system was introduced in Met Éireann in April 2012 with the first official warning issued on 26 April 2012. This file contains all national, yellow, orange and red-level warnings issued from April 2012. Warnings are issued on a county-by-county basis....
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