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    Number of Court referrals and persons referred to the service. Number of offender assessment reports requested classified by type of report. Number of victim impact reports completed. Number of orders for supervision, community service orders, orders for supervision during...
    Statistics on the Supreme Court, Special Criminal Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, High Court, Circuit Court and District Court, criminal, civil and family law, licensing and waiting times for court hearings. Outcomes of cases and appeals, orders made on bail, sentences...
    Prison committals and prison population, classified by age, sex, type of committal, offence, sentence length, month, county, and nationality; debtor and fine defaulters by sex.
    The number of penalty point notices issued classified by offence type and county of issue of driving licence. The number of drivers classified by the number of penalty points issued and the county of issue of driving licence.
    Key information The value of compensation assessments issued and the value of accepted assessments; delivery costs and savings; award volumes by award value and award category; elapse time from date of consent to date of award.
    Details of files received by the Office, breakdown of main reasons for a direction not to prosecute, prosecutions on indictment directed classified by county of offence, time taken to issue directions, applications for review of sentence on grounds of undue leniency, outcomes...
    The statistics on public attitudes cover the following areas: overall satisfaction with Garda service; experience of crime; contact with the Gardaí; emergency Garda response; Garda approachability; unacceptable behaviour by Garda members; racist incidents; Garda visibility and...
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