Value Added Tax (VAT) Registrations by Sector.

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VAT Registrations by NACE Code Sector.

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Title Value Added Tax (VAT) Registrations by Sector.

VAT Registrations by NACE Code Sector.

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Keywords 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, accomodation, administrative, agriculture, air conditioning supply, arts entertainment, communication, construction, defence, education, electricity, financial and insurance activities, food services, gas steam, households, human health, information, manufacturing, mining, motorcycles, professional, public administration, quarrying, real estate, recreation, scientific, sector, sewerage, social work, storage, support service activities, tax, technical, transportation, waste management, water supply, wholesale and retail trade repair of motor vehicles
Theme Government and Public Sector
Publisher Revenue Commissioners
Issue Date 1/6/2012
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