‘Income’ for Goods and Services by ‘Source of Income’ for the Budget Year; ‘Income’ for Goods and Services by ‘Source of Income’ for the Previous Financial Year. The data in this dataset is best interpreted by comparison with Table D in the published Annual Budget document which can be found at https://www.sdcc.ie/en/services/our-council/policies-and-plans/budgets-and-spending/annual-budget/

Data fields for Table D are as follows –

Doc : Table Reference Heading : Indicates sections in the Table - Table D is comprised of one section, therefore Heading value for all records = 1 Ref : Source of Income Reference Desc : Source of Income Description Inc : ‘Income’ Adopted by Council for Budget Year PY : ‘Income’ for Previous Financial Year Sort : Sorting Code

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Theme Government
Date dataset released 2020-02-27
Date dataset updated 2020-02-27
Language English
Landing Page https://data.smartdublin.ie/dataset/table-d-annual-budget-2020
Geographic coverage South Dublin

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