60 Suggested Datasets found

  • illegal landfill sites

    As reported on a RTE there is a lot of illegal discovered through out ireland. They have either been reported or shut down. A report would have been created for every illegal...
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    6 days ago
  • Toll Bridge(s) usage in Ireland

    If possible, could you please provide a data-set that outlines all the vehicles (motorbikes/cars/buses/lorries) that have passed through the following toll bridges and the cost...
    6 1
    8 days ago
  • JobBridge listings archive

    JobBridge had a listing of thousands of jobs that were offered to jobseekers. When JobBridge was closed, this data disappeared. It would be nice to see an archive of these...
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    11 days ago
  • Authorised Human Medicines

    Listing of Authorised Human Medicines for Ireland
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    14 days ago
  • PPSN Validation

    A service to provide validation of a PPSN number
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    28 days ago
  • Capacity and attendance in Schools by geographic area, with school/class leve...

    This data set will describe the total capacity of each school, assuming it is fully staffed broken down by class (1st class, 2nd class etc). It will also list what constitutes...
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    1 month ago
  • Water consumption reports

    Consumption Reports from Irish Water. Reports covering the average consumptions of water per household
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    3 months ago
  • Datasets for duchas.ie, logainm.ie, etc

    Hi, Duchas.ie is a spectacular open data project, transcribing tens of thousands of irish folklore stories that were collected in the first half of the 20th century. The data is...
    19 3
    3 months ago
  • Ramsar Sites - Boundaries

    Looking for release of all 45 Irish Ramsar sites in a GIS format (boundary).
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    4 months ago
  • Data Protection Commission data

    Sanction and non-compliance figures, business sectors data by non-compliance, sectors with the highest number of complaints. In the UK the ICO.co.uk Office names and shames...
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    4 months ago