45 Suggested Datasets found

  • Open OPW Draft Flood Mapping

    Draft indicative flood extents from the OPW Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment, or the OPW Pilot CFRAM Studies
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    16 days ago
  • Open Health insurance policy information underlying hia.ie website

    The HIA website has all of the policy data required for all of the available health insurance policies.
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    26 days ago
  • Open Water Outage Information from Irish Water

    Irish Water has an existing locked-down GIS dataset for all current and expected water outage issues across Ireland. These are mapped as points and provide metadata about the...
    21 2
    1 month ago
  • Open Street Schedule

    Schedule of streets by name, identifying the start point and end point of the named street
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    1 month ago
  • Open Dublin Bus Realtime GPS Locations

    A dataset that shows the raw Lat/Long position of all buses on the Dublin Bus network. At the moment there is only a time estimate which can be very unreliable and often does...
    23 1
    1 month ago
  • Open NCT Results

    Quite simply keep everything in the existing dataset with the inclusion of a column for engine size in cc's and engine type e.g. petrol, diesel or electric
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    1 month ago
  • Open List of OPW Heritage Sites

    The OPW run a vast number of Irish heritage sites in Ireland. However, there is no currently published comprehensive list of these sites online. I would love to see a dataset...
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    2 months ago
  • Open Childcare facilities

    Tusla (HSE) the child protection agency currently have data available through POBAL maps. the request is for the data to be released through here, with all available info to...
    9 1
    2 months ago
  • Open Primary & Post Primary Schools datasets with full info

    I was delighted to see Primary and Post Primary lists being released to this portal by the Dept of Education here...
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    2 months ago
  • Open Political Expenses - 2014-2017

    A follow on to the data provided by the Oireachtas on TD and Senator expenses, previously from 2011 through July 2014. Providing info on pay and expenses. Data up to present, or...
    18 1
    3 months ago