Live Emergency Department Waiting Times (Again)


Live Emergency Department Waiting Times - all data pertaining to the queues in A&E: Length (number of patients / average services time) of Queue; Average Waiting Times for new case interventions (by Triage category: Life Threatening / serious / not serious); Average Waiting Times for admission to hospital; etc. It's 2 years since my initial request - a data not collected / not available response is really not acceptable now.

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Creator Dennis Jennings
Organisation Individual
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Public Sector Body HIQA / HSE / Private Clinics
Potential Use

Inform the public about a critical resource and empower decisions about which A&E or Private Clinic to attend in a non life threatening emergency situation.

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Created 2 months ago
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Current Discussion

  • Open Data Team (Unauthenticated user) (1 month ago)

    This request has been referred to the HSE for consideration. Open Data Team 15/10/2019