Published Tenders (Contract Notices)


Requests for tenders from public sector organisations

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Creator Donnacha Phelan
Organisation Keystone Procurement
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Public Sector Body Office of Government Procurement
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The data set shows who is procuring goods and services (each item is categorised according to CPV code), and when

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Created 5 months ago
Closed 4 months ago
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Current Discussion

  • paulfitzpatrick (4 months ago)

    The Open Data Unit have been in contact with the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) who advise the following: The TED Open Data site provides data on tenders above the EU procurement thresholds. The source of the data is unverified output from contracting authorities across Europe including the eTenders platform in Ireland. There are a few caveats provided by TED as it is not uncommon for data to be input incorrectly or to be missing and accordingly great care must be taken with data interpretation.

    The Office of Government Procurement also publish summary lists of awards for mini-competitions and standalone contract agreements with suppliers who were invited directly to respond to tenders which are normally below the EU thresholds. Updates are provided on a quarterly basis in .csv format. The data in these summary lists comes solely from the eTenders site and is fully dependent on the accuracy and availability of information entered by Public Sector buyers.

    There is also a notice search facility on eTenders which allows the public to search for tenders and contract awards with filtering on Contracting Authorities, Common Procurement Vocabulary codes, procedure types and time periods.

  • paulfitzpatrick (5 months ago)

    Request sent to the OGP for consideration on 25/05/20. Open Data Team.