Non Generalised Cork City Boundary 2019


Cork City Boundaries are to change per the Local Electoral Act (no 1 of 2019)

Can a non generalised boundary be provided to allow Open Data providers such as Openstreetmap to correctly map these changes and to allow the many reusers of OSM data such as Met Eireann and the EPA to correctly import the new boundaries for their public maps.

Please provide individual boundaries for all affected townlands and electoral divisions, separately together with canonical names.

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Creator Cathal O Meara
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Public Sector Body Chief Valuation Officer and Chief Boundary Surveyor of Ireland
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Openstreetmap and other open data providers.

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Created 8 months ago
Closed 6 months ago
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Current Discussion

  • Cathal O Meara (Unauthenticated user) (6 months ago)


    That last request of yours misses the whole point of OPEN data. I decline the opportunity to avail of a private monopoly on the Cork Boundary data as my primary intention is to immediately upload this data to Openstreetmap anyway . But I do need to be able to establish to the OSM community that the data is canonical and I cannot if it is emailed to me.

    Consequently I cannot accept anything short of a full Open release available to all Open Data stakeholders and reusers whoever they may be.

  • Marian Beakey (6 months ago)

    Cathal, can you email the open data unit at We can see if we can arrange for the OSi to provide you with the data directly until such time it is ready for general release as open data. Open Data Team

  • Cathal O Meara (Unauthenticated user) (7 months ago)

    Guys. This has been hanging around for 3 weeks, can you give us an ETA for this data release.

    All I asked for was a simple vector line, not a deep state secret.

  • Cathal O Meara (Unauthenticated user) (7 months ago)

    Please 'advise' OSI that the phrase "non generalised" applies to them as is the case with the "non generalised" land/foreshore boundary that is also produced as Open Data by the Chief Boundary Surveyor of Ireland.

    If I wanted a "generalised" boundary I would therefore be prepared to accept the inchoate muck that OSI normally release as open data.

    You should also contact the Chief Boundary Surveyor of Ireland, per the request, who is also the head of the Valuation office too (an agency of Finance/PER I believe) and who has statutory responsibility for the production of this boundary as per Section 17 of the Local Government Act 2019 (1 of 2019) and is the "boundary surveyor" referred to in S17.

    This function is not delegated by statute to OSI and they are not responsible for the production of the requested boundary.

  • Marian Beakey (7 months ago)

    referred to OSi for advise. Open Data Team 27/02/2019