Science Foundation Ireland Grant Commitments

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This dataset details all STEM research and ancillary projects funded by Science Foundation Ireland since its foundation in 2000.

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is the national foundation for investment in scientific and engineering research. SFI invests in academic researchers and research teams who are most likely to generate new knowledge, leading edge technologies and competitive enterprises in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

The Foundation also promotes and supports the study of, education in, and engagement with STEM and promotes an awareness and understanding of the value of STEM to society and, in particular, to the growth of the economy.

SFI makes grants based upon the merit review of distinguished scientists.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Proposal ID text

This is the internal unique identifier associated with individual awards. Proposal IDs with a suffix "(N)" denote the contribution of a funding partner to a given grant with the same base proposal ID; Proposal IDs with an "(X)" or "(T)" represent the splitting of an award where an award was transferred from one institution to another. The "(X)" award represents the original award, whereas

the "(T)" denotes the transferred element of the grant.

Programme Name text

This is the programme group that the awards falls under

Sub-Programme text

Some programmes are sub divided into two or more strands e.g. there are two types of awards under the US-Ireland R&D Partnership Programme: Planning Grants and Full proposals. Both belong to the same programme but have different Sub-Programme names.

Supplement text

Where further funding is awarded to supplement existing grants, the type of supplement is detailed here e.g. Maternity / Adoptive Allowance

Lead Applicant text

The lead applicant is the lead researcher on the grant application


Since 2016, all researchers applying for SFI funding are requiredto have an ORCID ID, a widely used persistent identifier for researchers. Prior to 2016, this was not mandatory.

Research Body text

The Higher Education Institute to which the award was made

Funder Name text

All awards listed are funded in part or in full by Science Foundation Ireland

Crossref Funder Registry ID text

This is the persistent identifier allocated to Science Foundation Ireland by Crossref in its Funder Registry.

Proposal Title text

The title of the grant application. This is edited to remove any confidential or personal information, if required. For example, where the identify of the person for whom a maternitysupplement is sought, the name of the individual is removed.

Start Date timestamp

The date the research project began

End Date timestamp

The date the research project ended

Current Total Commitment text

This is the full value of the grant, including an institutional Overhead, less any agreed decommitments due to, for example, approved underspend.

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