Noise Map of Fingal County Council area

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Noise Map Grid

This dataset contains the FCC Model results Data Sets. A 3D model of the County is inputted into the model including buildings, building heights, road centre lines with traffic volumes, and type of traffic; ground levels, ground types etc. When computed a grid comprising of points with associated sound level, located at 10m intervals is produced for the entire FCC area. Data attributes are available for each of this 10m grid points and at 2m receivers at the face of buildings. Values include sound levels in dBA for DAY (7a.m. to 7p.m.), EVENING (7p.m. to 11p.m.), NIGHT (11p.m. to 7p.m.) and LDEN (the 24-hr average sound level calculated with a 5 dB weighting for evening and a 10 dB weighting for night). Directive 2002/49/EC requires EU Member States to produce noise maps in 2007 using the Lden noise metric. This is a large datasets and takes nine months to collect. This dataset was last produced in 2007 and is currently being updated for June 2012. This dataset contains geospatial information in Shapefile 'shp' format with spatial projection Irish Grid (ITM) co-ordinates for each point in the noise grid.

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FINGALTOTALRESULTS ( )7_point_P20111014-1103.shx
FINGALTOTALRESULTS ( )7_point_P20111014-1103.shp
FINGALTOTALRESULTS ( )7_point_P20111014-1014.prj
FINGALTOTALRESULTS ( )7_point_P20111014-1103.dbf

Data Resource Preview - FINGALTOTALRESULTS ( )7_point_P20111014-1103.shp

Theme Transport
Date dataset released 2011-12-07
Date dataset updated 2007-09-01
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Geographic coverage Fingal
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