Live Register, Dependency Ratios & Economic Status statistics

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Live Register, Dependency ratios & Economic status statistics at regional level, from AIRO Live Register' All ages on live register by month, 2000-2010' People under 25 years of age on live register by month 2008-2010' People aged 25 years and over on live register by month 2008-2010' % monthly change in live register totals since 2007 for 2007-2010' % month on month change in total live register totals 2010' % change in live register under 25s since 2008 for 2008-2010' % month on month change in total live register under 25s 2010' % change in live register over 25s since 2008' % month on month change in total live register over 25s 2010' ' Dependency Ratios' Total dependency ratios, young dependency ratios and old dependency ratios for all years between 2003 and 2008' ' Economic Status' Number and percentage of total population, total labour force, at work, unemployed or looking for 1st job, student, looking after home or family, retired, unable to work due to permanent sickness or disability, other, from 1996, 2002 & 2006 censuses' ' This dataset links to the following datasets on the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) site:' Live Register' Dependency Ratios' Economic Status'

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