Historic Groundwater Flood Map 1:20,000 Ireland (ROI) ITM

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Groundwater is the water that soaks into the ground from rain and can be stored beneath the ground. Groundwater floods occur when the water stored beneath the ground rises above the land surface.

The Historic Groundwater Flood Map shows the observed peak flood extents caused by groundwater in Ireland. This map was made using satellite images (Copernicus Programme Sentinel-1), field data, aerial photos, as well as flood records from the past. Most of the data was collected during the flood events of winter 2015 / 2016, as in most areas this data showed the largest floods on record.

The map is a vector dataset. Vector data portray the world using points, lines, and polygons (area). The floods are shown as polygons. Each polygon has info about the type of flood, the data source, and the area of the flood.The flood extents were calculated using data and techniques with various precision levels, and as such, it may not show the true historic peak flood extents.

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