East Atlantic SWAN Wave Model Mean Wave Direction

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SWAN (Simulating Waves Nearshore) is a third-generation wave model which was primarily developed for use in coastal regions. The operational East_Atlantic model used to generate this dataset was an implementation of the SWAN model for Irish waters. The East Atlantic SWAN Wave Model dataset contains wave parameters output by this model, including: Significant Wave Height (m), Mean Wave Direction (degreesTrue) and Mean Wave Period (seconds). The East Atlantic model covers a portion of the eastern Atlantic ocean that stretching from Iberian Peninsula to Scotland. The horizontal resolution of the model grid is 0.025 degrees. Model data is available for the previous 30 days and 6 days into the future. The East Atlantic model is an operational model forced by operational atmospheric (GFS) and boundary (FNMOC Global Wavewatch 3 Forecast) forcing. The East Atlantic system provides a daily 6-day forecast. The East Atlantic model was run to forecast wave conditions in Irish waters in support of end-user services such as marine operational planning. The East Atlantic model was run by the Oceanographic Services team within Ocean Science and Information Services division of the Marine Institute (Ireland). Model produced daily output for the duration of the dataset.

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URL: https://erddap.marine.ie/erddap/griddap/IMI_EATL_WAVE.nc?mean_wave_direction[(last-24):1:(last)][(36.5125):1:(59.987500000000004)][(-19.9875):1:(-0.01249999999999929)]

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