Annual Budget 2010 Appendix 1 FCC

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This dataset contains the data from the Councils Annual Budget. The budget is comprised of Tables A to F and Appendix 1. Each table is represented by a separate data file.Appendix 1 is the Summary of the Central Management Charge. It contains –‘Expenditure’ for each Central Management ‘Service’ for the Budget Year‘Expenditure’ for each Central Management ‘Service’ for the previous YearThis dataset is used to create Appendix 1 in the published Annual Budget document, which can be found at The data is best understood by comparing it to Appendix 1.Data fields for Appendix 1 are as follows –Doc : Table ReferenceHeading : Indicates sections in the Table – Appendix 1 is comprised of one section, therefore Heading value for all records = 1Ref : Service ReferenceDesc : Service DescriptionCY_Exp : Expenditure for Budget YearPY_Exp : Expenditure for previous Financial Year

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Doc text
Heading numeric
Ref numeric
Desc_ text
CY_Exp numeric
PY_Exp numeric
ObjectId numeric

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