Baronies - OSi National Statutory Boundaries - Generalised 20m

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Baronies were originally feudal and military jurisdictions and date back to the 11th century, but in the course of time came to be used for fiscal and administrative purposes only. The Barony varied in size from 1,693 acres to 310, 386 acres. The Barony was used as a census enumeration unit up to 1901. The re-organisation of Local Government in the late 19th century heralded the end of the Barony as a meaningful territorial division. There are 273 Baronies in the Republic of Ireland. The Barony is still recorded on large scale Ordnance Survey Maps, but is now limited in use to registration of house property. Baronies dataset generated from the 2019 OSi National Statutory Boundary dataset. Generalised to 20 metres. Coordinate Reference System: Irish Transverse Mercator.

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