COVID-19 HPSC Detailed Statistics Profile

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Please see FAQ for latest information on COVID-19 Data Hub data flows: the Technical Data Issues section in the FAQ for information about issues in data from May 2021 to February 2022: From 15th February 2022, reporting of Notified Deaths reverted from Weekly Notified Deaths to Daily Notified Deaths. This is based on the date on which a death was notified on CIDR, not the date on which the death occurred. Data on deaths by date of death is available on the new HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub

Please be advised that on 29th April 2021, the 'Aged65up' and 'HospitalisedAged65up' fields were removed from this table. The three fields 'Aged65to74', 'Aged75to84', and 'Aged85up' replace the 'Aged65up' field.The three fields 'HospitalisedAged65to74', 'HospitalisedAged75to84' and 'HospitalisedAged85up' replace the 'HospitalisedAged65up' field.Please be advised that on the week beginning 1st March 2021, the values in the following fields in this table were set to zero: 'CommunityTransmission' , 'CloseContact', 'TravelAbroad'  and ‘ClustersNotified’.      ----------------------------------------------------------------------This feature service contains the up to date Covid-19 Daily Statistics as well as the Profile of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland, as reported by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.The Covid-19 Daily Statistics are updated Monday - Friday, with the latest record reporting the counts recorded at 1pm the same day.The further breakdown of these counts (age, gender, transmission, etc.) is part of a Daily Statistics Profile of Covid-19, an analysis that utilises the data that dates back to 12am two days previous to help identify patterns and trends.The primary Date applies to the following fields:ConfirmedCovidCases, TotalConfirmedCovidCases, ConfirmedCovidDeaths, TotalCovidDeaths, ConfirmedCovidRecovered.The StatisticProfileDate applies to the following fields:CovidCasesConfirmed, HospitalisedCovidCases, RequiringICUCovidCases, HealthcareWorkersCovidCases,Clusters Notified,HospitalisedAged5,HospitalisedAged5to14,HospitalisedAged15to24,HospitalisedAged25to34,HospitalisedAged35to44,HospitalisedAged45to54,HospitalisedAged55to64,HospitalisedAged65to74,HospitalisedAged75to84,HospitalisedAged85up,Male, Female, Unknown,Aged1to4, Aged5to14, Aged15to24, Aged25to34, Aged35to44, Aged45to54, Aged55to64, Aged65to74,Aged75to84,Aged85up,MedianAgeCommunityTransmission, CloseContact, TravelAbroad, Total Deaths by Date of Death,Deaths by Date of Death.

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