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This file contains original variables from the CSO regarding Males who are signing on the Live Register in 124 Social Welfare Offices in the Republic of Ireland. Data is available on a monthly basis from February 2008 to June 2014.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Codes numeric
Names text
IGX numeric
IGY numeric
County text
M_08M2 text
M_08M3 text
M_08M4 text
M_08M5 text
M_08M6 text
M_08M7 text
M_08M8 text
M_08M9 text
M_08M10 text
M_08M11 text
M_08M12 text
M_09M1 text
M_09M2 text
M_09M3 text
M_09M4 text
M_09M5 text
M_09M6 text
M_09M7 text
M_09M8 text
M_09M9 text
M_09M10 text
M_09M11 text
M_09M12 text
M_10M1 text
M_10M2 text
M_10M3 text
M_10M4 text
M_10M5 text
M_10M6 text
M_10M7 text
M_10M8 text
M_10M9 text
M_10M10 text
M_10M11 text
M_10M12 text
M_11M1 text
M_11M2 text
M_11M3 text
M_11M4 text
M_11M5 text
M_11M6 text
M_11M7 text
M_11M8 text
M_11M9 text
M_11M10 text
M_11M11 text
M_11M12 text
M_12M1 text
M_12M2 text
M_12M3 text
M_12M4 text
M_12M5 text
M_12M6 text
M_12M7 text
M_12M8 text
M_12M9 text
M_12M10 text
M_12M11 text
M_12M12 text
M_13M1 text
M_13M2 text
M_13M3 text
M_13M4 text
M_13M5 text
M_13M6 text
M_13M7 text
M_13M8 text
M_13M9 text
M_13M10 text
M_13M11 text
M_13M12 text
M_14M1 text
M_14M2 text
M_14M3 text
M_14M4 text
M_14M5 text
M_14M6 text
M_14M7 text
M_14M8 text
M_14M9 text
M_14M10 text
M_14M11 text
M_14M12 text
M_15M01 text
M_15M02 text
M_15M03 text
M_15M04 text
M_15M05 text
M_15M06 text
M_15M07 text
M_15M08 text
M_15M09 text
M_15M10 text
M_15M11 text
M_15M12 text
M_16M01 text
M_16M02 text
M_16M03 text
M_16M04 text
M_16M05 text
M_16M06 text
M_16M07 text
M_16M08 text
M_16M09 text
M_16M10 text
M_16M11 text
M_16M12 text
M_17M01 text
M_17M02 text
M_17M03 text
M_17M04 text
M_17M05 text
M_17M06 text

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