Census 2016 Preliminary Results

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On 14th June 2016, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the Preliminary Report for Census 2016. The preliminary results are the initial count of the census. They are based on the summary counts for each enumeration area which were compiled by the 4,663 census enumerators and which have been returned to the CSO in advance of the census forms themselves. Further detailed results will be released in different phases as they become available during 2017, commencing with the Principal Demographic Results

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URL: http://airo.maynoothuniversity.ie//files/dDATASTORE/electoral_divisions/CENSUS_2016_PRELIM_RESULTS.csv

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
DATACODE numeric
ED_NAME text
County text
NUTS_II text
Region text
New Planning Region text
POPULATION_02 numeric
POPULATION_06 numeric
POPULATION_11 numeric
POPULATION_16 numeric
PC_POP_02_16 numeric
PC_POP_06_16 numeric
PC_POP_11_16 numeric
HOUSING_STOCK_11 numeric
HOUSING_STOCK_16 numeric
VACANT_HOUSES_11 numeric
VACANT_HOUSES_16 numeric
HOLIDAY_HOMES_11 numeric
HOLIDAY_HOMES_16 numeric
P_VACANT_HOUSES_11 numeric
P_VACANT_HOUSES_16 numeric
PC_VACANT_HOUSES_02_16 numeric

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